The Mystery of Thread Count Revealed

The Mystery of Thread Count Revealed

Sarah Egan

Ever wondered what all the fuss is with the thread count of cotton sheets? Get the lowdown on how to choose the perfect sheet.

Understanding Thread Count

When it comes to bed linens,  thread count has become the buzz phrase used to influence consumers. The notion that high thread count is better, softer and more luxurious has influenced many customers to insist it is the only way to go when purchasing sheets. A high thread count does not necessarily translate into the best choice in bedding. The high thread count myth that promises the higher the number of threads the better the product is, in fact, a marketing ploy. Reality reveals that there are factors besides thread count that determines the quality and comfort of the sheets.

So what makes a great sheet?
The two best cotton types are Egyptian and Supima (Pima). Both have an extremely soft and luxurious feel to the fabric. Egyptian cotton has the longer staple and is the top of the line and most durable cotton. Supima is a U.S.-produced cotton and is a shorter staple cotton. The longer the fibers the stronger and more durable thread. 

Thread thickness and quality are major factors determining the ultimate feel or hand of the bedding. Finer threads made of high quality, longer strands typically create a soft, smooth and delicate sheet fabric. In fact, a 250 thread count sheet made of premium thread can be much more luxurious than a 500 count sheet with a lower quality thread.

Where is the sheet made? The best weavers in the world are the Italians but sheets from Turkey often offer outstanding quality for price. 

The weave affects the way a sheet feels, the way it looks, its longevity, and its price. 

Percale is a plain weave with a thread count of 180 or higher and is known for its longevity and crisp feel. Think 5 star hotel sheets. Our Baksana 500 thread count sheets fit this bill.

Sateen weaves have more vertical than horizontal yarns. The higher proportion of vertical threads results in an extremely soft fabric. They have a more pearlised sheen and a lovely silky feel, as do our Baksana 1000 thread count sateen sheets.

In warmer sub and tropical climates higher thread count sheets allow less airflow and so if you like to sleep light, consider a 500 thread count sheet rather than a 1000.

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