Luxury Laid Bare | Superyacht Australia Magazine

Luxury Laid Bare | Superyacht Australia Magazine

When designing a yacht I always keep in mind that the user is usually bare foot and dressed in next to nothing.

What touches the skin gives an immediate and lasting impression.

As you sit down on a lounge, reach out to grab a railing, slip between the sheets or dry your hands on a towel; is the experience energising, soothing, delightful... is it a feeling of luxury? The sensation of wood, metal, glass and fabric determine many of my design choices onboard a yacht. I like to take a holistic approach to designing interior and exterior spaces on yachts, I like to be involved early, to collaborate with naval architects and trades at the initial design and build stages. Nowadays true luxury is in the detail, the essence and the authenticity.

Many owners now prefer a kind of spa or resort rather than a floating palace. This doesn’t mean that the standards of luxury and elegance are lowered, it’s just less of a show and more a laid-back experience of luxury.

The boundary between inside and outside continues to blur as high performance textiles, such as Sunbrella reach new heights of softness and sophistication. Textured wall linings and more natural floor coverings, make a greater connection to the natural environment. We’re seeing a significant colour trend towards layers of neutral tones with accent colours that take their inspiration from the cool ocean and warm sun – soft blues & turquoise, tangerine orange and golden yellows. The movement from interior to exterior spaces is now seamless, as beautifully designed outdoor furniture and fabrics bridge the gap between good form and supreme performance.

Being on a boat that’s moving through the water, it’s so clear. Everything falls into place in terms of what’s important and what’s not. 

James Taylor

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