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The Great Thread Count Mystery

Nothing refreshes like a good night's sleep

What's all the fuss about with sheet thread count? Get the lowdown on what actually counts when choosing the perfect sheet.

When it comes to bed linens, thread count is the buzz phrase. The notion that a high thread count is better, softer and more luxurious has influenced many customers decisions when purchasing sheets. But a high thread count doesn't necessarily translate into better quality. The thread count myth is actually a clever marketing ploy. Read on to discover more about your perfect sheets.

The Fibres 
The longer the fibres, the stronger and more durable the sheet. The thickness, length and quality of the fibres or staples  determine the ultimate feel of the bedding. Finer and longer threads (staples) create softer, smoother and better wearing sheets. In fact, a 500 thread count sheet made of premium fibres can be a higher quality than a 1000 count sheet with  shorter fibres.

Your Climate
Higher thread count sheets allow less airflow, 1000 thread count bedding work best in cooler or climate controlled environments. For warmer climates consider eco Tencel, organic bamboo or a maximum of 500 thread count cotton fibres.

The Weaves

Percale is a plain weave and is known for its crisp feel. Think 5 star hotel sheets, our 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Percale fits the bill perfectly.





Sateen has more vertical than horizontal fibres, resulting in a soft fabric with a silky feel and sheen. We can custom size 500 & 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen bedding.






Eco Tencel made from Eucalyptus fibres are the softest sheets in our range. These mid weight sheets have a luxurious, suede finish and tick all the eco boxes.






Organic bamboo sheets have a very light, silky feel, and has moisture wicking properties to keep you cool and dry. Available through our custom sized sheets department.

Custom Size Sheets & Bedding

Yacht beds are rarely standard sizes or shapes. A good fitting set of sheets makes making cabin beds a breeze.


We can custom shape sheets, quilts, mattress protectors or bed covers. Read more about our Custom Made Sheets & Bedding options and pricing  and don't hesitate to contact us for more help.

Bespoke Bedding Collections

If you're looking to create a bed of the finest linens, we can design exquisite bedding from our bespoke Heirlooms bedding ranges

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