The stunning D-Still 1.5L polycarbonate water pitcher with removable base not only looks and feels like glass, but it’s guaranteed to never chip or crack.

Simply add sliced fruit, citrus and ice to your unbreakable water pitcher for a tastier and healthier option.

Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Use

 100% Recyclable
 Looks & Feels Like Glass
 Food Grade Safe
 Dishwasher Safe
 BPA Safe*

Polycarbonate Pitcher with removal screw off base

Volume: 1500 ml

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Keep Your Drink Ware Looking Like Brand New

D-STILL 3-IN-1 Cleaner 500 ml is the perfect addition to your order of unbreakable drink ware. The perfect solution for keeping your glasses squeaky clean and maintaining their brilliance.

D-Still 3-IN-1 Cleaner has exceptional cleaning powers that will leave your glassware sparkling clean and your polycarbonate drink ware not streaky or cloudy.

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