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Join Interior Motives Superyacht Events

Connecting interior crew in a meaningful and collaborative way in the Southern Hemisphere.

Established in 2019, Interior Motives is a vibrant, industry-sponsored networking event platform dedicated to supporting superyacht heads of interior.

“Interior Motives aims to bring these amazing people together in a relaxed atmosphere to network, share ideas and raise the profile of their roles.”

Sarah Egan


Interior Motives superyacht events


Events to Date

Sydney Luncheon - May 2019

Afternoon Tea at SIBS - August 2019

Sydney Luncheon - March 2020

Brisbane Luncheon - June 2020


“I feel like these events are very important, considering these days all events are about captains. 
I believe that getting together with senior interior crew is very important and beneficial.
The venue and food was magnificent!”
M Y Ramble On Rose

“Everyone not only enjoyed themselves, but connected on a mutual understanding.” 
M Y Tango

“Such a wonderful initiative and great way to network and meet new people.” 
Motor Yacht Charters Sydney

“Fresh from working in Europe and the Caribbean for the past 15 years, 
it was wonderful to meet people in the local industry. It gives me access 
to a new network and insight into the local environment.”
M Y Infinity Pacific

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A vital and vibrant industry initiative

Connecting interior crew in a meaningful and collaborative way

Inaugural luncheon recognises and unites superyacht crew

Interior Motives unites industry

Closer collaboration

If you currently hold a position as a superyacht head of interior or purser and would like to stay up to date with Interior Motives events please register below.