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Article: Together We Achieve More | Superyacht Australia Magazine

Together We Achieve More | Superyacht Australia Magazine

Together We Achieve More | Superyacht Australia Magazine

Together we achieve more.

So you’ve got a great product, you provide good service at a fair price, that’s great stuff and you should be proud because it’s a tough market out there; However what if rather than simply getting the order and delivering it, you saw your business as a specialist team rather than a team of specialists. A specialist team whose contribution at key stages of a project, was pivotal to the project’s success.

If you’ve ever felt part of a group driven by a shared passion for excellence, a dedication to achieving a great outcome for a client, chances are you’ve already been part of great project!

Great project teams, deliver quality, meet time lines and achieve cost efficiencies.

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. But be assured that detailed planning alone is not enough when providing a complete turnkey solution for a client; you need strong leadership and sound project management. Whatever you do don’t undervalue leadership. Strong leadership creates harmony and a collective commitment to the common goal – a successful project.

Is PRICE, TIME or QUALITY the major priority for the client? A key question that you simply must answer early in a project is, in what order does the client place these three major considerations? It’s part and parcel of knowing your client.

On most well funded superyachts, you’ll find QUALITY tops the list, followed by TIME, with PRICE third in line, but that’s not always the case. Some owners will sacrifice quality in order to meet their time requirements and similarly, for others, price gazumps all other considerations. It’s easy to see that a project can easily run off the rails if you don’t know and understand the owner’s expectations.

New design projects come to me in many weird and wonderful ways. Whether through direct marketing to a prospective client, an introduction/referral or even serendipitously; each new design project brings with it a unique set of challenges that must be met and overcome. Designers are the creative engine of a project team, pushing boundaries, exploring new territory, and solving challenges in order to translate the client vision into reality.

A good designer bridges the gap between architects, contractors, the ship yard and the client, so the big picture isn’t lost and details that tie the project together, aren’t overlooked.

The cross-pollination of ideas and expertise influences the design process and enhances functionality and form. This is where we can push the boundaries and achieve real innovation. What at first may seems impossible, can be achieved through the meeting of minds.

Once the scope of works has been determined, in-house contractors and subcontractors can collaborate, build alliances with like-minded trades and providers who share the passion and take pride in their work. This is the perfect catalyst for excellence.

People need to know what they’re working towards, they should understand the value the project will bring to all involved and what their contribution brings to the final result. When the goal is clear, success will follow.

Getting the right people to do the job sounds obvious, but sometimes it’s really difficult. It means evaluating not just their professional performance but whether they’re willing to work as a part of the team. Great team members are communicative and open to feedback. I work with plenty of craftsmen who bring extraordinary skills to a project, but a strong set of skills isn’t enough. It’s those that embrace a collective approach that achieve extraordinary outcomes for the client.

Turning individual performances into a common outcome is like a puzzle – you need all the right pieces in place at the right moment to complete the whole picture. The job’s not done until the ship signs off, the project is handed over, the invoices are paid and the clients happy.

I look forward to working with like-minded professionals on future Australian marine projects.

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