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Article: Set The Perfect Table

Tablescapes Collections. Coordinated sets of table accessories and decor. Designer table settings napkins, placemats, and napkin rings

Set The Perfect Table

A tablescape is simply a term to describe a table’s centrepiece, place settings and the overall decoration and landscape of your table setting. It elevates the entertaining experience showing your guests that you care about them and that the meal is special.

We’ve brought our experience for creating incredible table settings on luxury yachts to our Tablescapes Collections that include perfectly coordinated sets of napkins, napkin rings, placemats and table décor. All beautifully gift boxed and ready for your table.

From wild pops of colour, ocean-inspired motifs to chilled bohemian vibes, these table accessory collections will delight your guests and take the hassle out of setting a stunning table.

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Tablescapes Table accessories and Decor

Below are some simple steps to create your own Tablescape.

Find Your Inspiration

It could be a colour, a decor item, flowers or a piece of nature like shells, branches, rope or almost anything that catches your eye.

Choose Your Base

Table cloth or bare table both are fine. Table runners even craft paper can be used to great effect. I often cover my long trestle tables with craft paper and add colour pencils or little pots of paints for guests to leave their mark.

Build Your Place Settings

These are all the things guests will need to eat and drink.

Whether woven, braided, cloth or vinyl placemats are where you start. Round placemats are great for saving space and rectangles give a more formal feel.

Next add a charger if you like. These sit under your plates and look super for more elaborate settings, otherwise add plates. If you plan to plate up in the kitchen or galley and then serve, then place your napkin and napkin rings on the placemat. Add cutlery and leave room for any water and wine glasses.

How to set a table


Keep it positioned and low enough that guests can easily talk without having to peak around the centrepiece. Think long and low!

I like to work in odd numbers as the brain finds this more visually appealing. I love 3’s! Something higher in the centre with 2 smaller pieces either side. This allows room for platters, salt and pepper and condiments. If you have a pendant light above the table try adding greenery or drape garlands to bring the ‘Wow’ factor.

Tablescape Table Accessories


I love to add touches of greenery, loose flowers, battery-operated fairy lights or votives. Organic flourishes like pebbles, shells or scatters are wonderful elements for your guests to play with. These little touches will take your table to the next level.

Now step back and take a look, add and subtract until you’re happy.

Remember there are no mistakes and practice makes perfect.

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