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Throw Pillow Layouts for Cabin Beds

Boat beds are the predominant feature of any cabin, so making the bed a stunning focal point is key.

At the end of a day on the water, your cabin should be a place to retreat to, a private haven.

Unlike a land-based bedroom, there’s less circulation space, generally lot's of timber and any furniture is usually built in. A great grouping of throw pillows can pull it all together. You can stack them, prop them up, mix sizes, add different shapes, go symmetrical, or just pile them with abandon.
Here are our 5 true, tried and tested throw pillow layouts for Double, Queen & King size beds. 

To create the perfect sanctuary, you need to start with properly fitting sheets, a duvet/doona or bed cover and good pillows. Now to add the designer edge, you’ll need to accessorise with some decorative throw pillows.

That doesn’t mean you should use hundreds of frilled throw pillows, remember it’s a boat and at night you'll need to put them somewhere. So, if you're tight for space use less pillows. As a rule of thumb, not including the pillows you sleep on, there should be a maximum of 7 Euro pillows and throw pillows for a King, 6 for a Queen, 5 for a Double and 3 for a pullman, bunk or twin cabin bed.

Go wide

To create the perfect backdrop you want to fill the entire width of the head of the bed with your sleeping pillows. For a King size bed, use either three standard size pillows or a pair of king size pillows. A Queen bed looks best with 2 Queen size pillows. As for square Euro pillows, a king size bed needs three and use 2 on a Queen size. Euro pillows are great to give extra height at the head of the bed and are nice to lean on if you read or sit up in bed.


Odds or evens

I like an odd number of throw pillows for a more relaxed look. A minimum of 3 can work on a double bed but 5 or 7 is a better bet on larger beds.
Even numbers will give the bed a more formal feel; so if you prefer perfect symmetry, try using some striking geometrics or contrasting colours in even numbers.

Colour choice

A winning formula is to choose one overall colour with throw pillows in multiple patterns and textures.
For a subtler effect, choose colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, or analogous colours. These are colours that have a lot in common but are slightly different and make for a colour palette that is quieter and polished.
If you plan to keep your colour palette neutral, but don’t want dull; you’ll need throw pillows that add some texture and pattern to your space.


Wild card entry

I love to add one quirky pillow to add a sense of fun, so don’t be afraid to toss in a beaded, embellished, or unusual shaped pillow that adds some X factor.

Final flourish

Lastly, place a throw blanket or bed sash across the bed just in from the end, to crown your new look bed.

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We're always here help you pull it all together, give advice and help with any questions. Feel free to call or email.

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