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Article: Real People Who Love Boating

Sarah Egan, founder of Boat Style, Australia. How to decorate and furnish your new boat since 2010.

Real People Who Love Boating

"Thank you!!!!!!!!
I am thrilled! Just purchased them & 3 other pillows! Thank you for getting back to me... Thought I'd take a chance~ but wasn't expecting you to truly answer. What a wonderful surprise!!!!!
Thanks again!!!!"

Very Appreciative,
Saint Augusta, USA

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How to decorate and furnish your new boat.

Easy Online Ordering

"Thank you very much for making this purchase so easy.It has been a pleasure to shop with you." Regards,Karen

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Easy Care Style

Easy Care Style

"We love entertaining and we wanted to create a casual, laid-back style that was still able to convey luxury and quality.” Owner, Motor Yacht Fox Sea Lady

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