Vintage-inspired rocks unbreakable glasses that not only look and feel like cut crystal glasses but are guaranteed to never chip or crack and deliver long-lasting brilliance.

Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Use

The premium quality, polycarbonate crystal rocks glasses are 100% unbreakable.
 100% Recyclable
 Looks & Feels Like Glass
 Food Grade Safe
 Dishwasher Safe
 BPA Safe*

Set of 8 Cut Crystal Rocks Glasses

Material: Polycarbonate
Volume: 380 ml
Height: 97 mm
Max Diameter: 87 mm

Set of 8 Cut Crystal Highball Glasses

Volume: 380 ml
Height: 151 mm
Max Diameter: 71 mm

Ice Bucket

Volume: 5.2 l
Height: 224 mm
Top Diameter: 198 mm

Keep Your Drink Ware Looking Like Brand New

D-STILL 3-IN-1 Cleaner 500 ml is the perfect addition to your order of unbreakable drink ware. The perfect solution for keeping your glasses squeaky clean and maintaining their brilliance.

This D-STILL 3-IN-1 Cleaner 500 ml is both a polycarbonate and Glassware cleaner, as well as a rinse aid. Good news, it can be used in all dishwashers or by adding to warm or hot water in your sink for manual cleaning, so the choice is yours.

D-Still 3-IN-1 Cleaner has exceptional cleaning powers that will leave your glassware sparkling clean and your polycarbonate drink ware not streaky or cloudy.


Dishwashing Machine:

Simply rinse your heavily soiled items before loading the dishwasher. Pour 3-IN-1 into the detergent dispenser until full (approx. 25 ml). Close dispenser, select an appropriate program and turn on your dishwasher as normal.

Hand Wash:

Add a squirt (approx.10 ml) of 3-IN-1 Cleaner into warm or hot water. Use a soft cloth or soft bristled brush to clean your drink ware. Let air-dry or dry with a microfibre cloth. We recommend the use of hand gloves to avoid skin irritation