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Marc Newson Tritan Unbreakable Wine Glasses Set

Sale price$88.00


Save up to 20% on Clear Base Glasses. On sale until 10 March or until sold out. 

Award winning unbreakable wine glasses designed by Marc Newson for Palm Products Australia

A synergy of form and function in the latest high tech material.

Marc Newson brings his award winning minimalist aesthetic to set a new standard in visual design clarity, tactile response and functionality.
“I simplify products to their essence, designing them in a way that has not been done before to create a range that is unique in the world”.


  • Non-slip base *except clear option.
  • Stable designs, weighted bases
  • Stackable 
  • Made from unbreakable, dishwasher safe Triton.
  • Glass-like clarity
  • Glass-like weight
  • CE certification
Sold in Sets of 8, choose from black or white non-slip bases or clear without non-slip base.

Flute 190ml. 185mm High x 65mm Diameter.
Whisky 285ml. 82mm High x 80mm Diameter. Stackable.
Highball 425ml. 106mm High x 85mm Diameter. Stackable.
Wine 300ml. 165mm High x 65mm Diameter.
Jug 1.3l.

Care Instructions

  • Made from Tritan which is dishwasher safe and will last indefinitely with normal levels of heat and detergent.
  • We don't recommend washing your glassware with dishwasher tablets that contain a power ball, as they are highly abrasive.
  • Modern dishwashers with their low velocity jets and moderate temperatures are the best way to retain the original surface sparkle and clarity.
  • If washing by hand, avoid using a scourer or nylon brush as this may scratch the surface.
  • Light buffing with a lens cleaning cloth will remove some small scratches.
  • Avoid using some aniseed based drinks such as Ouzo, Pastis, Ricard and Pernod as they may cause permanent damage.
  • Avoid using strong solvents as they may cause permanent damage.

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Award winning Marc Newson unbreakable wine glass
Marc Newson Tritan Unbreakable Wine Glasses Set Sale price$88.00